Design Sprint Facilitation

I facilitate Design Sprints for businesses and teams who are working on new ideas.

A Design Sprint is like a quick visit to the future. It allows you to explore how users experience and react to your new product, service, marketing campaign or even strategy! Interestingly you get this snapshot of the future before you invest all the time and expense of creating the product – so you can plan easily.

The big idea with the Design Sprint is to build and test a prototype in just five [or four] days. You’ll take a small team, clear the schedule for a week, and rapidly progress from problem to tested solution using a proven step-by-step checklist.

But the Design Sprint is not just about efficiency. It’s also an excellent way to stop the old defaults of office work and replace them with a smarter, more respectful, and more effective way of solving problems that bring out the best contributions of everyone on the team and help you spend your time on work that really matters. (

Want to learn about Design Sprint as quick as in 90 seconds?

Watch the following video by GV (formerly Google Ventures) where Jake Knapp (the mastermind behind the Design Sprint) explains it clearly and quickly.

Design Sprint 2.0 provides the same outcome in just four days. Check the following process explanation by Jonathan at AJ&Smart.

If you or your team are new to Design Sprints, I’m offering a free one-hour meeting or an LDJ (Lightning Decision Jam) to go through the process and plan your next workshop. Reach out!

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